Sonyoba marketing



To provide creative ideas in using technology and deliver it in a smart way.



To be known as a company who provides ideas, insights, and effective quality solutions about office automation.

Sonyoba Marketing is a product of ideas from people behind the company who have seen that there is a better way to provide the needs of one’s business.


By doing a market research, the company saw the huge contribution of I.T. and office equipment in the day to day operation of an organization that helps them to be more efficient and effective on their job. Also, in this generation that technology is always upgrading, Sonyoba believes that innovation is a part of a growing business.


Knowing the challenges ahead, Sonyoba started its operation in 2016 and prepared itself to be a new player yet have the enough experience and knowledge when it comes to its industry. One of the key strengths, being a client-oriented, of the company begins in the selling process and continuous in the after sales, which the management believe is their edge from other firms. Maintaining the good relationship with its clients by always being present for them and by delivering an excellent service to its products are the big parts of the marketing strategy of the firm.


After studying the market and carefully considering brands of office automation in the country, Sonyoba come up with these initial product line-up; facsimile, paper shredder, single-function printer, multi-function printer, computer and laptop, multimedia projector, PABX and telephone system, and CCTV system. Still, the company’s research and development continue its function to add more variety of office automation equipment and assure that all the products and services of the firm will be delivered to its highest quality.


As an oath, Sonyoba will always be holding to its mission which is to provide creative ideas in using technology and to deliver it in a smart way, and its vision which is to be known as a company that has a client-first mindset in its day to day operation.



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